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Every day, someone is hurt in St. Petersburg, FL. Every day, people are injured by circumstances beyond their control. Some accidents do not result in personal injuries or civil lawsuits that require the services of a personal injury law firm in St Petersburg. However, certain circumstances could affect your ability to sue the person responsible for your injury.

Victima should retain the services of a personal injury attorney, regardless of whether they were injured by a willful or negligent action. Our personal injury law firm in St. Petersburg deals with injuries that result from many things.

Wrongful Death

These injuries can range from mild to severe. Sometimes, victims face years of expensive treatment. While some victims may never be able to work again. A lawyer is necessary if you were injured by the actions of another person. You may be eligible for compensation depending on the severity of your injury. You can seek damages from our personal injury law firm in St. Petersburg.

Proving Negligence

The payout for your injury is more likely to be severe. Personal injury cases all center on negligence, and this is true in St. Petersburg, FL. It is necessary to show that someone else was responsible. You must prove that someone else was responsible for your injuries.

The defendant (the person who is alleged to be responsible) had a legal obligation to the plaintiff (the injured person) at the time.

By acting in certain ways or failing to act in certain ways, the defendant violated this duty.

The plaintiff suffered an injury because of the actions or inactions of the defendant. The defendant’s actions caused harm to the plaintiff.

To support your claim, you will need to provide evidence for each of these factors. Personal injury lawyers are experts in the law and can do the research required to support your claim. They are also able to defend a case in court. St Petersburg personal injury lawyers can help you negotiate when cases are not in court. It can be difficult to reach a settlement agreement with an insurance company. It is often difficult to obtain compensation from an insurance company.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our clients have received millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts, many of which were multi-million dollars.

A Culture of Customer Service

All of our clients are family to us, and we require regular calls from them to provide the best client experience.

A Network of Support

We assist clients in finding doctors and negotiating with insurance companies to recover compensation for lost wages and medical bills.

Victims believe they can simply submit a claim to an insurer and receive compensation. Only after the claim is denied do victims think about hiring a personal injury attorney. It doesn’t matter what type of injury or its cause, it’s beneficial to contact St. Petersburg personal injury lawyers as soon as possible. 

If you have been involved in a car accident, we recommend that you contact one of our lawyers immediately. We will give you advice based on our experience in similar cases in St. Petersburg. We will advise you on what to say and who not to say it to. If possible, we will recommend that you collect evidence from the scene.

We can also help you if you suspect that a loved one has been abused in a nursing facility. Do not accuse workers of neglecting your elderly relative. Instead, let us know. We’ll investigate and then advise you on the next steps. These situations are delicate and can cause emotions to run high. It is better to have an impartial third party look into the situation.

These are only two examples. It can be difficult to manage any type of personal injury case by yourself. You should focus on your recovery after being injured. Let us deal with the insurance companies, the court cases, appeals, and paperwork. It is not easy to prove negligence. The defendant will need a strong legal team. They want to avoid paying any compensation. They will put up a strong defense, regardless of whether the defendant is an employer, property owner, or driver. It is not a good idea to go up against their legal team.

What Is the Best Way to File a Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury claims must be based on someone being injured by the negligence, recklessness, or intentional conduct of another person or entity. Some personal injury claims are not worthy of legal proceedings to seek damages. In many cases, the claim is filed with the insurance company of the liable party (which could be multiple insurance companies). These claims are usually settled before they go to court. Sometimes, you will need to allow a jury to hear your case and make a decision. Our injury lawyers can help you settle your case at any stage of the claims process. This includes up to the time the jury hears it.

Personal Injury Lawyers Near Me: Claims and Legal Grounds

Personal injury cases are most commonly brought about by negligence. Negligence is when a person or employer is obligated to act in certain ways toward another party but fails to do so. Injuries to the other party resulted from the breach. This is the most popular personal injury case in St. Petersburg, and it covers many types of claims.

Find out how our injury attorneys can help you get a fair settlement for your injury claim.

Intentional misconduct by another person could lead to personal injury claims. This could happen when someone physically assaults another person or when they are held against their will. These acts can cause injuries, and you may have a personal injury case. Other personal injury cases can only be filed if there is a liability.

This legal theory was created for cases involving activities of an extremely hazardous nature, such as dog bite cases or product liability. A strict liability case does not require you to prove that the defendant was negligent or intentional. It is sufficient to prove that you were hurt by the animal or dog in question.

The Legal Element of a Negligence Claim

Four legal elements are required for a St. Petersburg negligence case. You must prove all four elements of your claim based on a preponderance. This ensures that your facts are correct. This lower burden makes it easier for you to prove your case in television criminal cases. Television uses the legal standard of “beyond reasonable doubt” to prove their case.

Duty of Care in St. Petersburg, Florida

To win your case, you must demonstrate that the defendant owed you a duty. This duty is determined by the relationship between the parties. This is an example of a duty: (1) Employers have an obligation to their employees; (2) business owners or operators have obligations towards clients and customers; (3) higher learning institutions and education directors have obligations to students and staff; and (4) caregivers have obligations to the people they care for.

Florida law imposes specific obligations on everyone. For example, all drivers must drive safely while operating a vehicle. Everyone should behave fairly and not cause injury to others whenever possible.

Breach of Duty

After proving that the defendant owed an obligation to you, you must show by a preponderance of the evidence that the other party did not meet those obligations. Breach cases involve evidence that depends on the particular circumstances. Employers owe employees the right to safe work conditions. Employers are liable for workers who are hurt by a saw they use that wasn’t properly maintained.

Another example is the fact that caregivers owe the elderly or disabled the duty to care for them while they provide their services. The duty of care is broken if a caregiver fails to properly turn an elderly or disabled relative into a bedridden individual.


You must prove that the negligence of the other party caused your injuries after proving the other party was liable for care. If the negligent party did not act, you must show that you would not have sustained the injuries.


A personal injury claim requires that you prove you have suffered damages. After all three elements of the case are proven, you must prove that you suffered actual injuries or losses to legally recover damages. To be compensated for negligent acts by the other party, you must prove that you suffered bodily injury or property loss.

Personal Injury Lawsuits and Strict Liability

Some people are expected to be more attentive and cautious about safety concerns. This is a factor in many personal injury law firms in St. Petersburg. A company or person subject to stricter liability may have to adhere to more stringent legal standards. To win your claim, you must prove that the company or person responsible acted negligently or carelessly. Florida’s dog-bite laws are a prime example of strict liability in St. Petersburg. The dog owner of a resident whose dog bites another person is responsible.

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