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Launch your business the right way with a proven strategy for setting up your company. Forming a business in Florida can be difficult but we can help to simplify the process. Starting with selecting the best entity type for your long-term goals. At The Black Law Company, we specialize in trademarks / business law.

Forming an LLC or Corporation with the Secretary of State does not give you any legal protection over the brand or name itself. However, we can protect your brand through Trademark Registration. Be sure to ask about the trademark application process.

In addition, bylaws are mandatory for Corporations in Florida to have. Operating Agreements that govern your LLC or partnership are one of the best ways to lay a solid foundation for your business and the inevitable changes, pitfalls, growth, and triumphs that businesses have. We can draft the appropriate governing documents and agreements that will set up your business and partnerships for success.

Benefits of Hiring a Trademarks / Business Lawyer in Florida

Hiring a trademarks / business lawyer in Florida can provide a number of benefits for your business, including:

  1. Helping you to register and protect your trademarks: A lawyer can assist you in the process of registering your trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and help you to enforce your rights if someone else infringes on your trademarks.

  2. Advising on compliance with state and federal laws: A business lawyer can help you to understand and comply with the various laws and regulations that apply to your business in Florida, such as employment laws, tax laws, and consumer protection laws.

  3. Assisting with contract drafting and review: A lawyer can help you to draft and review contracts, such as agreements with vendors, customers, and employees, to ensure that your business’s interests are protected.

  4. Providing guidance on business formation: If you are starting a new business, a lawyer can help you to choose the appropriate business entity, such as a corporation or LLC, and guide you through the process of forming your business.

  5. Representing your business in legal disputes: If your business is involved in a legal dispute, a lawyer can represent your interests in court and negotiate settlements on your behalf.

Overall, trademarks / business lawyers can help you to protect your business and to make sure that your business is operating in compliance with the law, which can ultimately help you to save time, and money and prevent unnecessary legal trouble.

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