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If you are in need of legal assistance with trust and estate matters, it is important to find an experienced trust lawyer in Tampa who can help you navigate the process and protect your assets. 

A trust allows you to distribute and manage your property before and after your death. There are many types of trusts. Your financial goals will help you choose the right one.

Many residents in Tampa benefit from revocable living trusts. This trust type allows you, as the grantor, to make distributions of your assets and property while you are still alive. A revocable trust allows you to make such distributions to your beneficiaries even after you have passed away. 

A trust lawyer in Tampa can help you navigate the process of creating and managing a trust, ensuring that your wishes are carried out according to the law.

Providing for Loved Ones

Each trust creates a legal relationship among three parties: you, the trustee, and your beneficiaries. It is your property that will be put into trust as the grantor. The trustee will manage that property until it can be passed on to your beneficiaries. You can designate beneficiaries when you create a trust. They will eventually receive a portion of your estate. Beneficiaries are usually close family and friends. However, you can name any person or organization as your beneficiary.

In a revocable living trust, the grantor becomes the trustee for the remainder of the grantor’s life. The trust document designates another trustee to be appointed after the death of the grantor.

A living trust can provide for your loved ones, which is one of its many benefits. A living trust can be drafted during your lifetime, and you can choose which beneficiaries will receive the property. You can also change the beneficiaries or distribution at any moment. This gives you flexibility and clarity, as well as allows for future distributions.

Additional Benefits of a Living Trust

Avoiding probate is one of the major benefits of a living trust. Probate is the legal process by which the courts administer a will. The Black Law Company does not require probate to be performed on any property that is included in living trusts. This can reduce family conflict and speed up property distribution.

A living trust also allows you to name a trustee for your estate in the event of your death. In this case, the trustee will be able to manage your trust. The trust can pay your medical bills and provide financial support for your family while you are not able to. A court can appoint a guardian to manage your finances if you do not have a living trust. You have a lot of control over both your financial future and the future of your family.

Contact an Experienced Trust Lawyer in Tampa

It can be difficult to create and execute a trust alone. Although trust can make your life simpler, it can be difficult to put one together. It is tempting to set up a trust yourself without consulting an attorney. This could lead to more problems than it solves. Instead, speak with The Black Law Company. We have been providing legal advice that is practical and informed to Tampa clients for years. Call us today!

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