Why Would a Green Card Application Be Denied

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Every year, countless families and individuals pursue the dream of obtaining a green card and settling permanently in the United States. However, not all green card application are approved. Denials can be devastating, leading to confusion, frustration, and uncertainty. Understanding the reasons for potential denials is important if you’re on your way to obtaining a Green Card. You can overcome these obstacles with the help of a Miami Immigration Lawyer.

1. Green Card Ineligibility

Ineligibility is the primary cause of green card refusals. U.S. immigration laws specify specific categories in which an individual can apply for a Green Card. These categories include employment, family ties, refugee status, or asylum, among others. An application from a person who does not meet these criteria can be refused.

2. Violations of Immigration Laws

A history of immigration violations may jeopardize your chances of obtaining a Green Card. A denial can be caused by past deportation, prior deportations, overstaying your visa, or entering the U.S. with improper documentation. A Miami green card lawyer can help you determine if previous violations may affect your application and offer advice on possible waivers or remedies.

3. Criminal Record

Certain criminal convictions may prevent a candidate from being admitted. These can range from serious crimes such as murder or drug trafficking to relatively minor ones. Even a minor criminal offense can be a significant obstacle in the immigration system. Consult a Miami immigration attorney who can evaluate your case.

4. Public Charge Concerns

An applicant’s application may be denied if they are likely to become “public charges” or rely on government assistance primarily. Green card applicants are evaluated on their financial stability and ability to support themselves.

5. Incomplete or Incorrect Application

Denials can be caused by errors in the application or incomplete information. It is important to be meticulous and pay attention to details when filling out immigration forms. A lawyer with experience can help you complete the forms, ensuring that they are accurate and complete.

6. Health-Related Grounds

Several health conditions, notably communicable diseases, can result in a refusal of a green card application. If an applicant does not have the required vaccinations, it can also be a problem.

Why Trust Black Law Company with Your Green Card Application?

You don’t need to navigate the complex U.S. Immigration System alone. Black Law Company is a renowned Miami Immigration Law Firm that brings together a group of experienced attorneys, former U.S. Immigration prosecutors, and a former judge. They have successfully represented thousands of clients in their immigration efforts with their unmatched knowledge and experience.

When you partner with an experienced Miami immigration attorney from Black Law Company, you receive:

– The Green Card process is handled by experts who will guide you through each step.

– A complete evaluation of your case to identify possible pitfalls and strategies.

– A team of dedicated professionals who are familiar with the intricacies and changes to U.S. Immigration Laws.

Contact a Miami Green Card Lawyer

The denial of a green card can be disappointing, but it does not mean that your American Dream is over. With the right representation and guidance, it is possible to overcome many obstacles. Do not hesitate to contact a professional if you or someone close to you is having difficulty navigating the green card application process.

Black Law Company is the Miami immigration attorney who knows what’s at stake and will fight for you. They can provide you with clarity, support, and the best chance of realizing your dreams. Call the firm at 813-321-7380 today for a consultation to take control of your life.

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