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Whether you were injured in a car accident, a slip and fall, or due to medical malpractice, our St Petersburg personal injury lawyer has the knowledge and skills to handle a wide range of personal injury cases. We will work tirelessly to build a strong case on your behalf and negotiate with insurance companies to get the best possible settlement. 

Wrongful Death

These injuries can be severe or mild. Some victims may need expensive treatment for years. Some victims might never be able to work again. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another person, a lawyer is required. You could be eligible for compensation, depending on the severity and extent of your injury. Our personal injury law firm in St. Petersburg can help you seek damages.

What We Can Do to Help You

We handle all types of injury cases

  • Auto accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Wrongful death

Proving Negligence

Your injury will likely result in a larger payout. Negligence is the cornerstone of personal injury cases in St. Petersburg, FL. You must prove that someone else is responsible. It is necessary to prove that someone else is responsible for your injuries.

  • The plaintiff, or the person alleged to be the defendant, had a legal obligation at the time to the defendant.
  • The defendant committed a violation of this duty by acting in certain ways or failing in others.
  • The actions or inactions by the defendant caused injury to the plaintiff.

You will need evidence to support your claim. Personal injury lawyers are specialists in the law and will do all the necessary research to support your claim. They can also defend your case in court. Even if the case is not before a court, personal injury lawyers can assist you in negotiating. Sometimes it can be difficult for an insurance company to agree to a settlement. Sometimes it is difficult to get compensation from an insurer.

What Sets Us Apart?

Many of our clients received multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements.

A Culture of Customer Service

We consider all our clients’ families and require that they call us regularly to ensure the best possible client experience.

A Network of Support

We help clients find doctors and negotiate with insurance companies to get compensation for lost wages or medical bills.

Personal Injury FAQs

How Do You File a Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury claims can only be made if someone is injured by the negligence or recklessness of another person or entity. Some personal injury cases are not worth the expense of legal proceedings to seek damages. The claim is usually filed with the insurance company (which may include multiple insurance companies) of the liable party. Most cases are settled before going to court. Sometimes you may need to let a jury hear your case and decide. Our lawyers can help you settle any case at any stage in the claims process. All stages of the claims process, including the hearing by the jury.

Personal Injury Lawyers Near Me: Claims and Legal Grounds

Negligence is the most common cause of personal injury. Negligence occurs when an employer or person is required to act in a certain way toward another party but fails to do so. The breach caused injury to the other party. This is the most common personal injury case in St. Petersburg and covers many types.

Personal injury lawsuits could be filed if another party intentionally mistreats someone else. Personal injury claims can be made if another person intentionally mistreats or physically assaults someone else. These actions can lead to injuries and you could be able to file a personal injury claim. Personal injury cases cannot be filed if the liability exists.

This legal theory is for cases that involve activities of a very hazardous nature such as dog bite cases and product liability. You don’t have to prove the defendant was negligent or intentional in a strict liability case. It suffices to show that you were injured by the dog or animal in question.

The Legal Element of Negligence Claims

For a St. Petersburg negligence case to be successful, you must prove four legal elements. All four elements must be proven based on a preponderance. This assures that the facts are correct. It is easier to prove your case in TV criminal cases because you have a lower burden. Television uses the legal standard “beyond reasonable suspicion” to prove its case.

Duty of Care in St. Petersburg Florida

You must prove that the defendant owed you some duty in order to win your case. The relationship between the parties determines the nature of this duty. This is an example of a duty: (1) Employers are responsible to their employees; (2) Business owners and operators have obligations toward clients and customers; (3) Higher learning institutions and education directors are responsible to students and staff; (4) Caregivers have obligations to those they care for.

Florida law imposes certain obligations on all drivers. All drivers must be safe while driving a vehicle. Everybody should be fair and avoid causing injury to others.

Breach of Duty

After you have proven that the defendant owed you an obligation, you must prove by a preponderance that the other party failed to meet those obligations. Breach cases require evidence that is dependent on the specific circumstances. Employers owe workers the right to safe working conditions. Workers who are injured by a machine that was not properly maintained are responsible for their employers.

Another example is that caregivers have a duty to the elderly and disabled to provide care while providing their services. If a caregiver fails properly to turn an elderly relative or disabled relative into a bedridden person, the caregiver is breaking their duty of care.


After proving that the other party was responsible for your injuries, you must show that negligence caused them. You must prove that the other party was negligent if you have not sustained the injuries.


Personal injury claims require that you prove that you have suffered damage. To legally recover damages, you must prove you have suffered actual injuries or losses after all three elements are established. You must prove you were injured or suffered property damage to be entitled to compensation for negligence by the other party.

Personal Injury Lawsuits and Strict Liability

People are expected to be more cautious and attentive to safety concerns. Many personal injury lawyers in St. Petersburg recognize this. Companies and individuals subject to greater liability might have to follow stricter legal standards. You must prove negligence or carelessness by the person or company responsible to win your case. The Florida dog-bite laws in St. Petersburg are an example of strict liability. Resident dog owners who allow their dog to bite another person are responsible.

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